Customer opinions - what other mums say about NATURALSOPHY. Also recommended by midwives

Here we have put together some customer feedback that has reached us in the last few days:

“(…) Thank you very much for the tip with the Organic Baby Cream!!! We've been to two dermatologists who haven't been able to fix the problem of red patches on our 15-month-old daughter's skin for months...from prescribed creams to cortisone, everything was there! Nothing helped. After only 2 applications (the Organic Baby Cream) the stains got better and are now almost completely gone after 5 days! I'm excited (…)."

We value customer feedback so much. But this feedback from moms, which we have recently received from the online midwife Maike , triggers an incredible number of emotional experiences for me and the entire Naturalsophy team. We know this feeling of desperation, how helpless it is to try out a child's scratched skin with a cream from the doctor or what feels like the 100th brand, even before using it you are skeptical as to whether it will help the skin this time?

This is exactly why we developed NATURALSOPHY. Because Naturalsophy is not a marketing-focused, mass or "me-too" brand that offers similar care products on the market that are just packaged differently. NATURALSOPHY was created at the time due to the diagnosis of neurodermatitis in my 6-month-old daughter, who was to be treated with cortisone, although I still blindly trusted the baby care brands on the market, despite my background as a nutritionist and my work in the natural cosmetics industry.
In order to develop exactly the high-quality care products for dry baby skin that also work, we worked with colleagues of mine, external scientists and midwives for over 2 years and tested them until we were finally able to bring 4 products onto the market that not only and care for children's skin, but also have the same standard for parents/adults. Because healthy and well-groomed skin not only makes children happy, but also us adults - with the same high quality standards as for baby care: Without filling water, alcohol, listed preservatives, PEG, paraffins, paraffins, genetically modified and synthetic substances. Made in Germany and certified organic.
It is precisely this high quality standard that we pursue and will continue to develop new care products that are uncompromisingly good for our skin and the skin of babies.


“The cream smells so pleasant. Thanks very much"
"Hey, the cream is great. The redness is almost gone from two applications. And the scent is great, thanks for the tip (...)"

"(...) The cream really helps, the redness is all gone and so is the dry skin, and that after just one day. (...)"

"(...), thank you very much for the great recommendation of the Baby Cream from Naturalsophy. We have only been using the cream for 2 days and the extremely dry skin caused by our son's baby acne is as good as gone. It also helped us with head gneiss. Thanks."