Are you looking for the best care for the winter days - wind-weather cream substitute for you and your baby. Bye bye dry, sore, red and irritated skin.

Be ready for the winter holidays –

Heated air, wind, snow, cold and cracked, dry skin? Do you already have the perfect care for the winter days? Then try our certified organic serum moisturizer Organic Beauty Cream for adults - based on aloe vera juice, squalane, hyaluronic acid mix, antioxidants and organic oils - without water as a filler, just pure care that not only pampers dry skin , but also is safe for pregnant women!

The Organic Beauty Cream is even more special. Because what we women need is not only intensive moisture, but also the combination with an anti-aging effect.

Lack of sleep, stress, lack of water, vitamin and nutrient intake, as well as external environmental influences such as free radicals, air pollution and dust are an enormous burden on our skin. The skin becomes dry and irritated.

It's best to imagine them red wine oxidizing its ingredients in an open and unprotected atmosphere and we call the taste 'mature'. At some point, the wine will have oxidized to such an extent that not only will the colors fade, but the flavors will also be lost, so that in the end you can no longer enjoy it.

Our skin also interacts with the environment. Pollution, sun exposure and cigarette smoke cause free radicals on the skin, which can irreversibly damage the skin cells of the epidermis and dermis. Thus, the aging process could be accelerated and the skin becomes wrinkled, less elastic and dull. In addition, the regeneration of the skin decreases with age and also in stressful situations. It can no longer repair itself as quickly, which means we lose moisture and strength.

Well-groomed and well-moisturized skin is the best protection against premature skin aging. Enjoy the nutrient-rich moisturizer that deeply regenerates your skin at night and gives you the feeling of fresh, healthy and well-groomed skin for the whole day in the morning.

We have therefore put together the composition of the Organic Beauty Cream in such a way that these active ingredients can counteract the aging process:
This unique moisture booster made from organic aloe vera juice, high-quality organic oils and hyaluronic acid works deep in the skin and provides the skin cells with extra moisture and care. Valuable antioxidants give the skin comprehensive protection against cell aging and prevent antioxidant stress. The subtle scent of rose geraniums spoils you as soon as you apply it.

Thus, the Organic Beauty Cream is a special serum-like anti-aging combination for our skin. It is very productive and forms a natural, air-permeable protective layer on the skin. In order to use the Organic Beauty Cream optimally, start with a very small amount and apply it to cleansed skin. Let it absorb into the skin while still wet and then use your normal beauty steps. Over time, you can increase the usage amount. When the skin cells are completely overwhelmed with nutrients, it may "crumble" a bit. Thus, reduce the amount of use in order to achieve your optimum.

Organic Beauty Cream certified organic, natural cosmetics without fillers

Our Organic Baby Cream is suitable for your baby and children to teenagers. Because the Organic Baby Cream is an intensive moisturizing cream that only contains organic aloe vera juice. Without the use of cheap filling water, alcohol that dries out the skin, as well as paraffins, parabens, listed preservatives and all the synthetically produced raw materials. The Organic Baby Cream is also suitable for young people, combination skin, skin prone to acne, skin that is easily irritated and red, dry skin areas. Because aloe vera juice is not only anti-inflammatory, regenerating, antibacterial, but also "regulates" combination skin automatically through the skin-like, amino acid-containing substances and at the same time provides intensive moisture. Thus, even young skin is protected, cared for and regulated.

The following raw materials are a must-have:

Our organic aloe vera juice was hand-filleted from slow-growing aloe vera leaves from controlled organic cultivation. The nutrients, amino acids, vitamins, minerals and mono- and polysaccharides contained in aloe vera juice have an anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, caring, regenerating, wound-healing and moisturizing effect.

The active ingredient combinations of aloe vera with the high-quality organic oils from almond, coconut, avocado, cocoa and shea butter and beeswax are specially tailored to the needs of sensitive baby skin, so that the active ingredient combinations can be perfectly absorbed by the delicate baby skin and it nourishes the skin, cares, protects against environmental influences and prevents dryness.

The care oil mixture of avocado, jojoba, coconut and sweet almonds is extremely suitable for sensitive and dry skin. With the vitamins and natural antioxidants, the oils protect the skin from free radicals, have a moisturizing effect, support cell renewal and the absorption of other vital substances, making the skin soft for a long time.

The beeswax creates a delicate protective film on the skin, which protects against moisture loss and weather influences.

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